Let’s face it, the 2013 Oscars weren’t only about the ladies, despite much attention paid to the best and worst dressed girls of the evening; The men also brought out their best tuxedos for the occasion, looking dapper as ever for Hollywood’s biggest night, and giving the women a run for their money.

These sharply dressed gentlemen also have their fair share of fashion credits, with Giorgio Armani leading the pack for dressing the most men for the night. The beloved 28-year-old label designed tuxedos for actors including Denzel Washington, Best Supporting Actor nominee Robert De Niro, Russell Crowe, Suraj Sharma, Richard Gere, Robert Downey Jr., Liam Neeson, Paul Rudd and George Clooney.

Prada was in second, dressing the likes of David O. Russell, Best Supporting Actor winner Christoph Waltz and performer Daniel Radcliffe.

Hands down, the most dapper of the evening was 31-year-old Eddie Redmayne, who ditched his usual Burberry velvet getup for an Alexander McQueen tuxedo with tailored peak lapels. Bradley Cooper came in a close second, thanks to bringing his mother, Gloria Cooper, as a red carpet accessory.

Host Seth MacFarlane went to the beat of his own drum, donning a suit by Gucci. Chris Tucker took a similar cue by choosing Tom Ford. Best Actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis also stood out from the crowd, opting for a blue Domenico Vacca rig. A most noticeable addition to the shirt, tie, jacket uniform of the night was Best Screenplay winner Quentin Tarantino’s leather tie, a Spring and Fall trend for 2013.

Honorable mentions to Hugh Jackman and Best Picture winner Ben Affleck for keeping it classy with tailored suits, and well-kept facial hair. Rudd, take note next time.

Just as with the ladies, not all men could be best dressed. This year, "Brave" director Mark Andrews took the cake by wearing a kilt to accept his Oscar for Best Animated feature. "I just happened to be wearing the kilt,” he joked.

Not funny.