The ousted President of Honduras said Wednesday in Washington he did not expect to return home before the weekend.

Troops captured President Manuel Zelaya on Sunday and whisked him out of the country to Costa Rica in a dawn raid.

The Organization of American States (OAS) set a 72-hour deadline to reinstate the ousted president and reverse an army coup.

Zelaya had planned to return home on Thursday to serve out a term that ends in 2010, accompanied by foreign leaders.

He said on Tuesday the Argentine and Ecuadorean presidents and the U.N. General Assembly and OAS chiefs would accompany him back to Honduras. But the interim government warned that if he returns, he will face arrest.

Zelaya headed on Wednesday to Panama to attend the inauguration of the new president there, a U.S. official said in Washington.

Roberto Micheletti was sworn in as caretaker president by the Honduran Congress soon after the coup. The interim government said they would send a delegation to Washington for talks.

OAS chief Jose Miguel Insulza said officials from the organization had no plans to meet with any delegation from the caretaker government.

A senior U.S. official said that no one from the Obama administration would see the representatives.