The role of Jamie’s ex-girlfriend in Season 2 of the Starz television series “Outlander” will be played by Margaux Chatelier. Meanwhile, series star Sam Heughan recently spoke about the graphic scenes in the Season 1 finale and the effect it has had on his character.

According to TV Line, Chatelier -- who has appeared in French films such as “Belle and Sebastian,” “Tenderness” and “Paris-Manhattan,”will appear in Season 2 of "Outlander" and her character may become a rival for Claire Randall, the central character played by Caitriona Balfe. 

The same report says French actor Marc Duret will join the cast as Monsieur Joseph Duverney. The character is said to be a “well-dressed, middle-aged minister of finance to Louis XV.” The character is said to compete with Jamie Fraser (Heughan) at chess in Season 2. Duret is known for his role in the French movie “La Femme Nikita” and the “Borgia” TV series created by Tom Fontana.

The addition of several French actors to “Outlander” for Season 2 has reportedly been done to maintain the authenticity of the series. The show continues in France in Season 2, with the lead characters going to that country.

Meanwhile, Heughan told Access Hollywood about graphic scenes in the Season 1 finale and what fans can expect to see next year. The actor explained that the graphic scenes were drawn from the book by Diana Gabaldon, upon which the TV series is based. Heughan said the scenes were “very dark,” adding it would be “very interesting” to see how they affect Jamie's future.

“Outlander” Season 2 is expected to show how Jamie will try and recover from the events of Season 1. According to Heughan, Jamie and Claire will try and make their relationship work, but they will face multiple challenges.