A promo video of “Outlander” season finale episode has surfaced online. The video from the Starz series shows Black Jack Randall going shirtless and continuing to torture Jamie. Meanwhile, Murtagh has a “dark” idea about how to save Jamie. [Spoiler Alert!]

The previous episode of the TV series showed only the beginning of the torture of Jamie. This video on YouTube shows that the torture will continue at Wentworth Prison in episode 16. Black Jack has removed his shirt in the video and he attempts to put the fire out in the prison cell.

Jamie is also shirtless in the video and he can be seen lying on the floor of the cell in excruciating pain. Black Jack had ripped open Jamie’s shirt in the previous episode and the torture nearly made the character go unconscious. Claire’s rescue attempt had failed after she got caught by the infamous British captain. Jack Randall had used her freedom to bargain for Jamie’s complete surrender.

Murtagh had an idea about rescuing Jamie using cows in the previous episode, but the details about the plan were not revealed. The promo video of “Outlander” episode 16 shows Murtagh saying that the only way to save Jamie from Jack Randall is for someone to “step into the darkness” along with the infamous captain.

Claire can be seen giving her husband a potion in a bottle, and scenes in the video shows her looking over Jamie and giving him the potion. A brief scene in the video suggests that she succeeds in her rescue attempt; Jamie can be seen covered in a blanket around 16 seconds into the video and Claire looks at him in what appears to be a location outside of Wentworth Prison. The young Scotsmen who are there to help Claire in the rescue are not seen in the video, and Claire may be driving a horse cart with Jamie at the back, alone.

“You think I can’t control the darkness I inhabit,” Jack Randall can be seen saying in the video. His torture may linger in the memories of both Jamie and his wife forever. The “Outlander” season finale promo video also shows Claire praying and crying in front of someone, who appears to be a priest.

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