With the first season finale of the Starz series "Outlander" set to air May 30, lead actor Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, is already looking forward to Season 2, which he said will grow "darker" and "more complex." Heughan recently spoke about how the story is progressing -- with all the twists, based on the books -- and how some fans may not be able to anticipate what happens next in the story.

“Outlander” Season 2 will continue the story in France, Heughan said. Filming for the next season is currently underway in Scotland. Fans of the franchise watched some difficult scenes involving Jamie Fraser in Season 1, episode 15, titled “Wentworth Prison.” Speaking to Collider, Heughan spoke about the journey so far and also about what the fans can expect to see in the future.

The actor noted that as the first few episodes of the TV series help establish the relationship between the Jamie and Claire, the second half of the first season has tested their relationship. He also revealed that the season finale will end with some “pretty strong scenes.”

The story has taken the two main characters, Jamie and Claire, to different locations. The series began with Claire in 1945 with her husband Frank and she later was on the road in 1740s Scotland after traveling back in time. She was able to find a home at Castle Leoch and had to move to a new home in Lallybroch.

The actor talked about how his character has to go through a lot, in terms of the physical torture, by the end of the first season. The character has been seen with a scarred back so far in the show, which apparently takes over three hours to create using prosthetics, and by the end of the season prophetic work will be required for his arms, legs and his head.

Heughan said that Jamie and Claire have learned a lot about each other and ultimately they will have to fight “for their lives and fight for their relationship.” The two characters will “enter into a strange place” by the end of Season 1, the actor said. The momentum will continue in Season 2, Heughan said. The actor also pointed out that there will be a “big reveal” in the Season 1 finale, and that the revelation will “affect his life forever.”

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