Just days after the Ouya developers announced that their Kickstarter-sponsored console will be launching with OnLive support, Square Enix Japan becomes the first major developer to sign a deal with the Ouya (according to GamaSutra). The developer's legendary title "Final Fantasy 3" will be available at launch for the Android OS-powered system, available to download. This news comes not long after the announcement that Robert Bowling's company will be providing the company's first exclusive title, a prequel to Bowling's new game "The Human Element", said to be a riff on the post-apocalyptic concepts of survival and horror.

Square Enix Japan has already created a version of "Final Fantasy 3" that is playable on Droid devices, however; the company has stated that they may have plans to provide "additional content" for adopters of the Ouya console in the future. This is a huge boon for the Kickstarter-funded Ouya, as landing one of the biggest developers with as big a following as Square will surely help to sell a few more systems. As it is, the reasons for not buying an Ouya are minimal, as the system is literally tiny in every way.

The "Final Fantasy" games have a storied history in gaming, with many regarding "Final Fantasy 7" as the high watermark of the series. The latest iterations have been met with middling reviews, especially when compared to the older games in the series. Overall, the game continue to sell incredibly well.

In order for the Ouya to become a killer system, the creators need to line up at least two more big-name game developers. Going after someone like Crytek or THQ might be a step in the right direction, but landing a big fish like Activision or EA would be the key to survival. Inking deals with top-tier indie developers like Jonathan Blow or Phil Fish would also be a huge leap for the Ouya, as both devs are hot, coming off hits "Braid" and "Fez".