Owling is the new trend after planking, just days old, which involves people posing for pictures crouching like an owl in unusual places.

Just who started owling is a matter of who you ask.

Allison Smith, a 24-year-old journalism major at George Washington University, says she decided to start something besides planking and posted some pictures in the owl position on Facebook with the caption Owling? The post then went viral.

In an interview with HuffPost, Smith said The picture was created by a friend and I, though other people claim it's been around, I haven't seen it before.

But 13-year-old Chad Jones from Washington D.C., who  posted a video on July 11, claims he founded owling. In his Youtube video, he says I used to plank... but I have founded something better than planking... better than anything you do where you sit and freak people out.

Jones is the self-proclaimed king of owling.

Jones continues I know owling looks stupid, but it's way funnier than planking... if you're sitting there owling, everyone's going to look at you, like, 'What the freak is this kid doing?'

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