After developing the acclaimed “Pac-Man 256” developer Hipster Whale has decided to mix worlds by having the characters from “Pac-Man” appear in “Crossy Road.” Players that download the latest update to “Crossy Road” will gain access to Pac-Man, and the game’s iconic Chicken character wearing a Pac-Man shirt. Interestingly enough, both characters change the gameplay quite a bit, adding variety to the addictive title.

Pocket Gamer stated that choosing Pac-Man will replace the cars and obstacles of “Crossy Road” with the Ghosts from the original games and pallets to munch on for points. The road is also quite different, turning into a maze that will look very familiar to fans of the yellow blob. The gameplay plays exactly like “Crossy Road,” but with these influences from the earlier “Pac-Man” games, making for some nostalgic moments.

Keeping with the “Pac-Man” theme is the fact that eating pallets will let the character eat the ghosts, just like in the original games. However, this is still “Crossy Road,” so Pac-Man will not be invincible against trains.

The chicken with a “Pac-Man” shirt or Pac-Chicken will also be in the maze and take on ghosts, though the character does not gain points for collecting pallets. That being said, the character is quite useful, as App Trigger stated that using Pac-Chicken would let players unlock the ghosts as playable characters in “Crossy Road.”

Meanwhile, Pac-Chicken will be running away from the infamous “256” glitch, which is considered as an interesting feature to add, given that Hipster Whale also worked on “Pac-man 256.” The gameplay will not change, though the players will have to react faster than they normally would when playing the mobile game.

“Crossy Road” update is olny available to iOS users so far. However, this could change in the coming weeks or months. But for now, Android gamers will not have access to Pac-Man, Pac-Chicken or the ghosts.

Mobile gamers interested in the changes can pick up “Crossy Road” right now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The title is a free download and has been praised by many a critic.

INKY, BLINKY, PINKY AND CLYDE | Unlock Pac-Man ghosts in Crossy Road (Credit: YouTube/AppSpy)