Legendary actor Al Pacino, who has played many memorable gangsters over his career, will join the cast of the upcoming film Gotti: Three Generations, according to various reports.

The film, which will depict the lives of real-life New York mobster John Gotti and his descendants, also stars John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Lindsay Lohan.

Joe Pesci may also join the movie, according to reports.

Pacino, of course, is widely known across the world as “Michael Corleone” of “The Godfather” trilogy, and also as the unforgettable psychotic Cuban mobster “Tony Montana” in the classic “Scarface” remake.

He also played “Lefty Ruggiero” in the film “Donnie Brasco” with Johnny Depp.

Pacino will reportedly take on the role Aniello Dellacroce, the underboss of the Gambino crime family and John Gotti’s idol and mentor.

It was, in fact, the death of Dellacroce in December 1985 (to lung cancer) which paved the way for Gotti to assassinate family boss Paul Castellano and take over the top spot himself.

Executive producer Marc Fiore told TMZ that he is very pleased to have Al join the extraordinary team that we are assembling to make this movie.

However, the casting of Pacino as Dellacroce is somewhat strange.

The real Dellacroce was tall, broad-shouldered and had blue eyes. Pacino is only 5-foot-6 and has dark features.

The film will be shot in New York in 2012 next year.