The Internet is pretty smitten with Eddie Murphy’s girlfriend Paige Butcher. The two have dated for nearly two years and her name began to circulate online after they attended the premiere of “Hercules” together in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Butcher, a 34-year-old Australian model who has appeared in Maxim and Fitness, wore a gray Herve Leger bandage dress to the event, according to The flattering dress accentuated the blonde beauty’s curves and showed off her fashion sense. The comedian dressed more casually in a black shirt, jeans and dark sunglasses.

Murphy was reportedly there with his partner to support the film’s director Brett Rater, who is a close friend of the actor.

  • Paige Butcher, Eddie Murphy
    Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy. Photo: Reuters
  • Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy
    Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend Paige Butcher at the premiere of "Hercules." Photo: Reuters

Though she looked stunning at the movie’s premiere, don’t get too used to seeing Butcher in the limelight. The model doesn’t have any social media accounts and likes to shy away from publicity.

"I’m in a relationship with a celebrity, so I felt like there’s already enough of me out there," she told Vanity Fair in 2013. "I felt like I was giving out too much information. I was giving people too much access. I like to keep as much private as possible now. As you say, people will use anything against you. The more you put out, the more you get back. I just wasn’t using it. And I was really boring. I would just post my volunteer work."

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"I like to keep as much private as possible now,” she continued. “People will use anything against you. The more you put out, the more you get back."

Murphy, 55, is apparently set to revive his role as Axel Foley and will appear in a fourth “Beverly Hills Cop” movie, which is slated to debut in theaters in March 2016, according to the Internet Movie Database.

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