The Pakistan Taliban has threatened vengeance against the West for the killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. Special Forces more than two weeks ago.

Al Jazeera said it acquired a videotaped message purporting to show a Taliban member, Umar Khalid, which warned that the intelligence agents of both the US and Pakistan were on his “hit list.”

According to Al Jazeera, in the video, Khalid warns: Osama bin Laden has given us the ideology of Islam and Jihad ... by his death we are not scattered ... but it has given us more strength to continue his mission.”

He also provided a timetable for his group’s planned retribution: It took the Americans 11 years to kill Osama but for us it is easy, we will take our revenge in less than a few months.

Al Jazeera noted that Khalid and his men, who are believed to be hiding in a mountainous region of Pakistan, appear to be well-armed and possess radios and a laptop.

The release of the videotape comes a day after two policemen were killed by up to one-hundred militants who attacked a security checkpoint in northwestern Pakistan, near the Khyber tribal region, an area believed to be inhabited by Taliban soldiers.

The Taliban have also taken responsibility for the devastating double suicide attack last week that killed about 80 paramilitary cadets in the northwestern garrison town of Charsadda.