On Wednesday night’s episode of Fox's “The X Factor,” the world met a possible future star, Panda Ross.


Ross comes across as one of those people who could light up a room simply by smiling, and the judges sensed it from the moment she stepped on the stage in San Francisco.


Oddly, she wore a necklace that said “single” because she wants “X Factor” judge Simon Cowell to be her child’s father, she said.


Ross talked about it briefly behind the scenes, but as soon as she galloped onto the stage and stood in front of the judges she belted out:


“Hey Simon. I’m your baby momma. You my boo. I wore this necklace that says ‘single’ just for you. I fought my way to get here. I’ve been sick with a pneumonia.. I just go out the hospital yesterday after seven days but I wasn’t going to let anything hold me back from seeing you!”


When Cowell asked if her real name was “Panda,” she explained that her mother had her while she was in jail. Since her mother was black and her cellmate was white, they came up with the name “Panda.”


Cowell couldn’t help but grin and said, “I love pandas, so you never know” to which she responded, “Well I’m cuddly and all” resulting in a burst of laughter from the judges and the audience.


But when the 42-year-old from Dallas, who said God blessed her with a lot of personality and a good voice, began to sing the audience rose to their feet.


As Ross was singing, she included Cowell in the song, singing to him that she would give him jewelry if she won the $5 million.


Ross inevitably got four yes votes from the judges, which set her off into a little jig and some jumping back stage.


But she soon had difficulty bretahing and had to be rushed to a hospital. Ross probably wasn’t ready to be out of the hospital in the first place, but she forced herself out to make it to the audition and see Cowell.


As she was being taken away in an ambulance, Ross said she hoped Cowell didn’t find out so he wouldn’t think  she couldn’t hack being in the competition. Some viewers said they wanted to keep watching just to see Panda Ross’ progress.


Ross isn’t going to let a “little” pneumonia keep her from singing her heart out to Simon Cowell on “The X Factor” stage.