The Paper Glider app in Apple's App Store promises to help the bored kill time by seeing how far you can flick and fly your paper aeroplane but last Saturday it did something more - it helped UK-based Gail Davis win $10,000 in iTunes gift card from Apple as it was the 10 billionth app downloaded.

The Paper Glider app is one of the top five free game apps in the App Store. It is developed by Neon Play Ltd and it doesn't need a high learning curve to master the game.

You need to tap the screen in little bursts to give your plane a wind boost to make it fly through the zones. But you need to judge carefully how much to boost it as you only have a limited amount. Plus you must avoid crashing, is the mantra of the game.

The app has been rated 3 stars and many reviewers have called it Boring, Truly crap, Lame, Bad, and Fun for a minute.

Perhaps true. But at least it turned out to be the 'lucky' app for Davis and her family!