Get ready for tears because “Parenthood” is about to make fans cry. The NBC drama has four episodes left, and the newest promo hint that tissues are necessary. The writers teased an “emotional” ending, and the latest spoilers make it clear that they’ll follow through.

Amber’s Baby – The promo video shows Amber (Mae Whitman) going into labor. It looks like her baby daddy Ryan (Matt Lauria) is still being kept out of her life. Her mom Sarah (Lauren Graham) holds her hand while she has the baby.

Luncheonette Might Close – The Luncheonette brought some members of the family together, but Adam (Peter Krause) wants out. The recording studio has been suffering all season, and he’ll finally tell Crosby (Dax Shepard) that he doesn’t want to be in the business anymore.

Haddie Returns – Haddie (Sarah Ramos) will return before the series ends, BuzzFeed reports. Adam and Kristina’s (Monica Potter) daughter went off to college on the east coast, and that has kept her away for the last couple years. When she left early in "Parenthood" Season 6, she said she was studying abroad, but why is she returning? Is she back for Amber's baby or a tragedy?

Zeek’s Health – This has been a major issue since the premiere when Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) collapsed. Zeek's health seemed to be holding steady, but the midseason finale ended with Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) calling an ambulance after he woke up with chest pains. He is heading into the hospital again in the 100th episode, and it doesn’t look good for the Braverman patriarch. This doesn’t help the rumors that he’ll die by the end of the season.

Bob Dylan – No, he won’t be appearing on the show. However, “May God Bless And Keep You Always” is the title of the finale. It’s from Dylan's song “Forever Young,” which has served as the “Parenthood” theme song. Creator Jason Katims confirmed the title when he thanked fans for tuning in on Twitter.

Joel And Julia – “I will tell you this as many times as you need me to -- I will never leave you again,” Joel (Sam Jaeger) says to Julia (Erika Christensen) in the promo. It makes it seem like they’re finally back on solid ground after getting together in the midseason finale.

An Engagement – Hank (Ray Romano) and Sarah have had a lot of ups and downs. However, Hank might be ready for them to settle down. “I love you,” Hank says in the video. “I’m all in. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Zeek’s health will affect Hank the most, Entertainment Weekly reports. It might make him realize that he wants to marry Sarah.

Watch the promo below:

“Parenthood” Season 6 returns on Thursday, Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. Do you think Sarah will marry Hank before the season ends? Sound off in the comments section below!