“Parenthood” fans don’t have to wait until the series finale to start crying. The latest sneak peeks will force everyone get out the tissues. Hank (Ray Romano) prepares for his wedding by talking to the men in Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) life. He asks her father, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson), for his blessing, and he asks Drew (Miles Heizer) to be his best man. He also finds a photographer for the big day. 

Sneak Peek No. 1

Hank's first stop is at Sarah's parents' house. “I just wanted to come by, man to man, and ask for your blessings,” Hank says.

Zeek already knew about the wedding, but he still seems touched that Hank asked. Hank explains that he is on the autism spectrum. “Just want to make sure that all the cards are on the table,” he says.

“I mean, it’s a surprise. It kind of explains a few things, but if Sarah’s OK with it, then I am too,” Zeek says.

Hank thanks him, and Zeek reveals that it isn’t really Hank he worries about — it’s Sarah. “You know, Sarah, of all my kids, I think she’s kind of been my teacher,” Zeek says. “You know, she’s the one that in life has taught me more about unconditional love. She never went after the material things in life -- the clothes the cars, you know, all of that stuff, the money. She was all about love. She was all about really giving her heart to the people that she cared about the most. I just would ask that you take care of my daughter. You be there for her.”

“Yeah, that’s gonna be my honor to do that,” Hank says.

Watch the sneak peek from “Parenthood” Season 6, episode 13 below:

Sneak Peek No. 2

Hank’s wedding preparations continue with another member of Sarah’s family, her son Drew. Hank visits him at college to ask a favor. He starts off by telling Drew how he dropped out of community college.

“Figured I’d learn more traveling and taking pictures than I ever would going to school, you know?” Hank says. “I’m not saying —”

“So drop out?" Drew asks. "Is that what you’re —“

“No no no no no, I’m saying for me,” Hank clarifies. “All right, look Drew, here’s the thing: I don’t got a ton of friends, any. I don’t got any. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’m working on that. You know, we’re not that close but we got to know each other and I like you. You don’t say much and when you do you talk very low and I kind of like that. We kind of identify with each other and I was just wondering—you want to be my best man at this thing?”

Drew says yes and asks what he has to do. Hank gives him the rings and tells him not to lose them. Hank thanks him for accepting the position since his only other option was the UPS man.

Watch the sneak peek video from the “Parenthood” series finale below via the Hollywood Reporter:

Sneak Peek No. 3

It seems Adam (Peter Krause) is not returning to the luncheonette after all. In the video he seems to be on the phone interviewing for a new job. “My forte is helping businesses get back on track,” Adam says.

Max (Max Burkholder) comes in and demands that Adam hang up the phone. Adam sets a date to come into the office and hangs up before reprimanding Max. He explains that it’s important not to interrupt business calls.

“This is also business,” Max says. “I just got off the phone with Hank and I have a job.”

Max says he is going to be the photographer for Sarah and Hank’s wedding, and Adam misunderstands and thinks that he is assisting Hank.

“I’m not going to be assisting Hank," Max says. "You need to work on your listening skills. I am going to be the sole photographer, the main photographer, at Aunt Sarah and Hank’s wedding.”

His parents congratulate him, though they look a little baffled by Hank’s choice to have a middle school student photograph his wedding.

“Also, Hank says that I need to have a talk with the both of you about whether or not I should get the money now or it should be in an account for when I am 18.”

Max votes that he should get the money now, but his parents have to discuss it first. “I’m employed!” he shouts as he leaves the room.

“At least somebody’s got a job they love,” Adam says.

Watch the sneak peek for the “Parenthood” Season 6 finale below:

The “Parenthood” series finale airs Thursday, Jan. 29, at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.