Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, will star in upcoming movie Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys, according to People.

This role represents the first movie appearance for the young Jackson, who prior to her father's death led a very sheltered and private life and rarely stepped out in public without covering her face.

She wants to be an actress. She wants to take on her dad's legacy and do something good for the world and our product does that, Stephen Sobisky, the movie's producer, told People.

AceShowbiz provided the following information about the upcoming movie:

Ancient sea-magic turns a dolphin into a human, an evil spell changes a teenage boy into a dragonfly and a once good and loving jellyfish queen becomes an evil fairy godmother. This story, filled with adventure after adventure uses family love and the magic of belief as weapons to fight a war between the land and the sea.

Paris Jackson will play the role of someone who survives being brainwashed by the evil jellyfish queen, according to People.

Jackson is reportedly committed to five Lundon O'Malley movies in total, which will be part animation and part live-action.

The young Jackson is the daughter of the late entertainment legend Michael Jackson and his wife Debbie Rowe.

Her most notable public appearance so far was at her father's memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in 2009.

She arguably uttered the most memorable line of the night when she said: I just wanted to say ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him so much.

Below is the video of Paris Jackson in the memorial service.


A Nov. 2011 article from Daily Mail said Paris Jackson appear[s] to be surprisingly normal, citing sources close to the family. The article also stated that within the Jackson family, Paris and her older brother Prince are now seen as the great hope of carrying on the Jackson entertainment dynasty.