Sometimes, Twitter seems more like a digital graveyard than it does a social microblogging website. Just about every week, one celebrity is pronounced dead on the Twitter coroner's office in a death hoax with the standard RIP [insert name here] trending topic.

This week: Patrick Dempsey died in a car accident.

On Thursday, or perhaps late Wednesday, RIP Patrick Dempsey became a trending topic at the Twitter Medical Examiner's office, running rampant worldwide on the Internet and prompting Grey's Anatomy fans to begin grieving for Dr. McDreamy.

Thankfully, Patrick Dempsey is alive and well, according to his official Twitter account.

Hi I am back From the dead!, he tweeted on Thursday morning after the rumor spread.

Perhaps the undead Dempsey met up with the other undead celebrities like Will Smith, Justin Bieber and Paul McCartney, who all have been pronounced dead on Twitter recently.