Warning: Do not read if you do not want to know what happened after Tuesday night’s special episode of “Big Brother” Season 18.

Paul has officially made it to the final three in “Big Brother” Season 18.

After the flash-forward episode on Tuesday night, Paul was named the new Head of Household (HOH). However, his best friend Victor was no longer there to celebrate with him because the latter was just evicted. After the HOH competition, Paul was tasked to nominate two houseguests for next week’s elimination, and he decided to break Corey and Nicole apart. Paul’s move didn’t come as a surprise because he and Victor were put up by Corey and Nicole for eviction, according to Buddy TV.

Meanwhile, Corey and Nicole are both worried about their fate in the competition. After all, the finale is just a week away. Immediately after they were nominated, Corey and Nicole participated in the Power of Veto (POV) competition to try and remove themselves from the block. Unfortunately, Paul was on a winning streak this week and won the POV. He decided to not use it on either Corey or Nicole. Corey also had a conversation with James, asking who he would vote out of the competition. James said that he doesn’t know just yet. However, the publication is speculating on the possibility of Corey being sent home because James would be protective of Nicole, according to Big Brother Network.

In other news, “Big Brother” Season 18 will air another eviction episode on Wednesday night instead of its usual Thursday night schedule. According to CBS, the network will accommodate the airing of this year’s NFL, which will kick off on Thursday. Next week, “Big Brother” Season 18 will air its final episode on Wednesday night.

“Big Brother” Season 18 airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.