Pebble Time smartwatch is now available for preorders with a price tag of $199.  In order to place an order, purchasers can visit Best Buy or the online Pebble store. It will start shipping the preordered units starting from early July.

Pebble Time was officially announced in February this year through its Kickstarter campaign. Now the smartwatch is again available in color options like black, white and red at Best Buy and Pebble Shop.

Though Pebble has not disclosed an exact shipping date, Best Buy’s listing shows that it will start shipping by July 20. According to PC Mag, the older Pebble Watch is priced at $89 whereas the newer Pebble Time is available for $149.

Pebble Time comes with a 64-bit e-paper display and microphone. It is 20 percent slimmer than the older Pebble smartwatch. Its bezels are stainless steel, and the display is protected by a scratch-resistant covering from Gorilla Glass. 

The water-resistant construction safeguards the wearable device from moisture damage. By using Bluetooth, users can establish a connection between the Pebble Time and smartwatch. It is enabled with 3D accelerometers, light sensor and compass.

The smartwatch can deliver a battery life of 150 mAh. Apple iPhone 4S or higher as well as Android smartphones running on Android 4.0 ICS or higher supports syncing with Pebble Time.

The Kickstarter campaign that in February had a funding target of $500,000 -- achieved in only 17 minutes. It was able to set a Kickstarter record by raising $1 million in 49 minutes. It set another Kickstarter record by raising $10.3 million in 48 hours. When the funding project came to an end in March, 78,358 backers had pledged $20.3 million.

The Pebble Time Steel is a variation of Pebble Time that is built with stainless steel construction. It also comes with color finishes such as silver, black and gold, and is available in band options like leather and steel. There is still no confirmation for a Pebble Time Steel release date.