Pecan Pie Without Corn Syrup and 4 Other Healthy Thanksgiving Dessert Substitutes

on November 19 2011 1:41 PM
  • Calorie-Cut Apple Pie
    Apple Pie is an All-American Classic, but it's normally heavy on fat and sugar. With a few adjustments this Thanksgiving treat can be a slightly healthier alternative to your normal pie. Use whole-wheat pastry crust (or whole wheat flour if you make the crust from scratch) to add fiber to your pie. You should also substitute the butter you use with canola oil or olive oil. Combined with using 3/4 as much sugar as your standard fare, your pie will have half the calories of a normal pie. Flickr
  • Thanksgiving Cupcakes
    Kids will flock to your Thanksgiving cupcakes, but you may not like the sugar rush that follows. Spend a little extra time this year making your Thanksgiving treats for the kids a healthy alternative to the normal butter cream cakes. By substituting the vanilla or chocolate cake for a pumpkin or carrot cake, the cupcake will be lower in sugar and saturated fat. Also, replace the icing with healthier alternatives like Greek yogurt frosting, low-fat cream cheese frosting, or vegan frosting (using nuts, agave nectar, sugar and cocoa powder). Flickr
  • Pumpkin Pie (with nonfat or skim milk)
    Pumpkin pie is a delicious but hearty part of the Thanksgiving meal. Instead of using standard canned evaporated whole milk or heavy cream, make the switch to evaporated skim or nonfat milk to lower the saturated fat, but savor the flavor. Flickr
  • Fruit and Sorbet
    If you're pressed for time this Thanksgiving, fruit and sorbet is a quick, easy and healthy alternative to pies or pastries. Ice cream is loaded with fats and sugar, but sorbet (though still sugary) can be a nice treat after a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Pair the sorbet with some fruit for a perfect healthy treat. Flickr
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Thanksgiving 2011 is less than a week away, but you still have plenty of time to stock up on treats and prepare your meal. The dessert course of turkey-day can always seem overwhelming because in addition to mastering vegetables, stuffing and a baked bird, you also have to cook a sugar and fat-laden pie. Not this year.

We take a look at five classic Thanksgiving treats and substitute healthier ingredients. Most of the calories in Thanksgiving treats come from sugar, milk, cream and buttery crusts. From pumpkin pie with low-fat milk to pecan pie without the corn syrup, you will thank yourself (and so will your family) for these healthy alternatives to your normal sugary, fatty desserts.

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