Pee-Wee Herman has been hiding for over 25 years since his Big Adventure but the character played by Paul Reubens stopped by Top Chef: Texas as a judge on Wednesday.

A fitting cameo really, since Herman journeyed to the Alamo in San Antonio, Tex. to find his stolen bicycle in the classic film only to find out There's no basement at the Alamo.

Reubens as Herman was a guest judge on Top Chef, arriving on his signature red Schwinn bicycle. Competitors were instructed to make Herman's favorite breakfast food: pancakes.

I love pancakes, but I'm not gonna marry them! Herman squealed, as he munched on all of the pancakes. This is the best pancake I've ever had, he said about all of the pancakes.

After the winner was announced, the chefs ventured by bicycle to the Alamo to shop for food. Competitors had to find an available kitchen in a restaurant to use, prepare a family-style meal for the judges and serve it at the Alamo in four hours.

(Spoiler Alert!)

Ed won the pancake challenge, gaining $5,000 though no immunity for the elimination.

In the main challenge, all chefs completed within the allotted time, but made the same dish: chicken. Pee-Wee said now that when he thinks of the Alamo, he will think of Chicken. Lots of chicken.

Turns out Lindsay satisfied the stomachs of the judges and Pee-Wee Herman with her food in the shape of a boat.

View the videos of Pee-Wee Herman's cameo as judge on Top Chef: Texas below.