Showtime has released its first teaser for the second season of its surprise hit “Penny Dreadful.” The trailer gives fans their first glimpse of each character after the shocking finale of Season 1.

The trailer features a cryptic message from Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) as she discusses a curse that she’s come to look at as a blessing. This is likely a reference to [WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD] the demon possessing her that she may or may not want gone, as noted by Entertainment Weekly.

The first season of “Penny Dreadful” focused on a band of misfits in Victorian-era London who are brought together when vampires and other supernatural forces intrude on their lives. The show draws heavily from literary monsters and science-fiction novels frequently associated with that time period: “Dracula,” “Frankenstein,” “The Wolfman” and others.

When last we left these characters, Ives learned of the demon inside her and was burdened with the question of whether to exorcise it. A priest told her he could remove it and make her normal -- but, in true “Penny Dreadful” fashion, wanted to know if she even wished to be normal. The new trailer appears to indicate she opted to keep playing on the abnormal field.

While the trailer focused heavily on the arc of the Ives character, fans of the show were left with a lot of questions after the Season 1 finale. According to Collider, cliffhangers include the creation of a bride for Frankenstein’s monster, the revelation that Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) is a werewolf and the explanation for the awkward relationship that Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) seems to have with, well, everybody.

While Season 2 will likely tie a knot around those remaining threads, show creator John Logan revealed some of his plans for the new season at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

“The cosmology, the theology of the show gets much larger [in season two] -- they’re thrown into a much more threatening supernatural world,” Variety quoted him as saying.

In addition to getting into a deeper supernatural world, the “family” of hunters will encounter a new villain in the form of a familiar face. Logan revealed Helen McCrory’s spiritualist Madame Kali would be the main baddy during the forthcoming 10-episode run.

Although the trailer revealed a lot, it didn’t shed any more light on Season 2’s vague release of some time in 2015.