Esteemed daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres took home the Favorite Humanitarian Award at the 2016 People's Choice Awards Wednesday night. Each year the award goes to one man or woman in Hollywood who has done outstanding work in bettering the world. DeGeneres, 57, took to the stage to accept the honor during the annual ceremony and delivered a heartfelt speech.

After being introduced by close friend and fellow funny woman Melissa McCarthy, DeGeneres kicked off her speech with a string of jokes likening herself to a saint and suggesting that she'd only set out to get rich and famous, not make a mark on the world. DeGeneres then sent a message to viewers tuning in around the globe, assuring them that many people in the United States share her love and compassion, they just struggle to show it all the time. The "Ellen DeGeneres Show" host called on her fans to do more good and be more loving before thanking those close to her and those who made the decision to give her the award. Although she did not personally thank wife Portia de Rossi, the actress was seen looking on lovingly as DeGeneres accepted her trophy.

The humanitarian award is a great honor, but it's also an opportunity for the recipient to do a little more good. Along with the coveted title comes a hefty donation of $100,000. The money is generously donated to the show by Walgreens.