Just what is inside the cube? Curiosity, the iOS "experiment" game developed by Peter Molyneux, has reached its end. The final cubes were destroyed early Sunday morning by a player in Edinburgh, Scotland.

So what was inside the box? The winner's name is Bryan Henderson, and Molyneux's 22Cans Studio has promised him the ability to be the "digital god" at the center of Godus, the next release from the designer of the Fable series. Here is the video that Henderson saw this morning:

"Something life-changing inside"

Peter Molyneux narrates the video, dressed in black at the center of the cube: "After 25 billion cubelets have been destroyed over 150 days, after 4 million people have downloaded [Curiosity] onto various devices, and after hosting tens of thousands of simultaneous concurrent users, we have reached the end, and one lucky person has reaped the rewards of their hard efforts."

Molyneux says in the video that the studio behind Curiosity, and the upcoming Godus, wanted something "more meaningful" than to say "here’s a wad of cash," and therefore offered something that only 22Cans could: "The ability to be a digital god."

"How can anything be worth all that effort?"

The winner will decide on the rules that people play Godus by, Molyneux said, and will receive a portion of the proceeds every time someone purchases the app.

Molyneux founded 22Cans after leaving Microsoft Game Studios last year, having received industrywide recognition for developing the Fable series. Godus was developed after meeting its fundraising goal of $732,510 on Kickstarter last December, and is set for release in September.