More  information regarding Peyton Manning’s alleged sexual assault of a University of Tennessee trainer has been discovered by ESPN program Outside the Lines. The latest report details a call made to a sexual assault crisis center hotline by Manning’s accuser, Jamie Naughright.

Outside the Lines released documents relating to the phone call, which was placed three hours after the alleged Feb. 29, 1996 incident. Naughright didn’t mention Manning by name, fearing for her job and worrying that there would be a cover-up.

Naughright told the crisis center that she reported a crime to Tennessee head trainer Mike Rollo. According to the report, Rollo told Naughright that she shouldn’t alert the media or police. A criminal investigation never took place.

Naughright was paid a settlement of $300,000 when she left Tennessee following the 1996 incident, and she didn’t describe the alleged assault in detail until she filed a lawsuit six years later. Naughright sued for libel and defamation when Manning and his father, Archie, published a book that referred to Naughright and the incident.

In a deposition, Rollo admitted that while he didn’t remember Naughright telling him Manning made contact with her, he took it upon himself to characterize the incident as a “mooning.” Rollo said he never got the impression that Naughright was lying, and that she was clearly upset.

Manning contends that he was “mooning” one of his teammates, and Naughright claims the quarterback assaulted her while she was examining his ankle. In the 2002 defamation lawsuit, Naughright said Manning pressed his “naked butt and rectum” on her face, though she did not say Manning made contact with her when she filed a complaint against Tennessee in 1996.

“Well, we were in a room like this and then like all the sudden like a shadow it started to get dark on the flooring. Just like this light. I started to see darkness underneath it him [sic]. A change in light. . . . At the time, I really didn’t understand why it was getting dark. Then, I felt something hit the top of my head and I heard laughter. . . . I started to rotate my head and thats’ when Mr. Manning’s naked butt and rectum was on my face,” Naughright said under oath in 2002, according to documents obtained by Pro Football Talk.

Manning’s story has not changed, as the quarterback has claimed he was mooning cross country athlete Malcolm Saxon, and Naughright accidentally witnessed it. Saxon has never been questioned under oath about the incident.