Peyton Manning has been a member of the Indianapolis Colts for his entire career. Prior to this season, he had started every game since he was a rookie. However, with the team winless and heading for the top draft pick and prized quarterback prospect Andrew Luck, rumors are swirling that the Colts may be willing to auction off Manning to the highest bidder.

The Colts have not made any public pronouncement about potentially getting rid of Manning--they signed him to a big money deal before they found out he'd miss so much of this season. Still, that hasn't stopped analysts, columnists and fans--especially those in NFL cities where the quarterback play has been less than desirable in recent years--from thinking about the possibility.

Dave Hyde from the South Florida Sun Sentinel suggests that the Dolphins, having likely lost out on the Suck for Luck race, switch to Waitin' for Peyton.

Indianapolis is so awful no one else has a shot at the No. 1 pick, Hyde writes. But some good can still come out of a Dolphins season that might drift north to merely a bad one.

The Dolphins have struggled with quarterback play since Hall of Famer Dan Marino retired. This year, they've struggled with Matt Moore and Chad Henne under center.

There was talk of Peyton moving to Washington, DC in the past few days, as reporters misinterpreted a report from ESPN reported Adam Schefter, according to the Washington Post. Some thought it said Peyton was available and the Redskin's were interested; neither has proven to be true.

The strangest story out there? The calls from Ole Miss fans for Manning to take over as head coach of the SEC school attended by his father Archie and brother Eli, but not by Peyton himself.