Happy end of the world!

Even though the misconception was that Dec. 21, 2012 was going to bring the apocalypse, people now seem to be looking at 12/21/12 as a big, fat head trip.

“The Mayans were wrong,” many are complaining and then sharing phony pictures of the Mayan-prophesized apocalypse on social media.

A few popular eCards circumnavigating the web before Dec. 21, explained that the Mayans didn’t account for leap years, and our world would have ended years ago -- if it were going to at all.

Another tease that went viral was a gag about Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi having a child in 2012.

Although most people weren’t too original, posting midnight statuses on Facebook that basically consisted of quips like -- “Stayed up until 12, still alive, Mayans were wrong, good night” -- others cranked out some jokes that were sure to draw a chuckle or two from their social media friends.

“Since the world ends tomorrow, let me list all my grievances & desires now. First, I've always wanted to ... darn, out of characters.#mayans,” @daldridgetnt wrote.

“Dear #Mayans, The world won't end tomorrow because Harry's kids go to Hogwarts on September 1st, 2017,” @ThatBravePotter tweeted.

“I'm not about to credit prophetic powers to a people who didn't even see the Spanish coming to destroy their civilization. #mayans,” @RevDaniel reminded everyone.

“Maybe the #Mayans were predicting the end of the #JerseyShorecalendar?” @CalumWorthy hypothesized.

“'We didn't finish the calendar because we started drinking tequila’ - #Mayans,” @TheHistoryBook joked.

One Twitter, @WorkingBarbie, recalled one of the viral YouTube videos from 2012, where a woman named “Sweet Brown” explained she didn’t have anytime for bronchitis.

She tweeted, “2013? Ain't nobody got time for that. #mayans.”

Some people are still unsure if the world will actually end, searching the web for the precise time that the Mayans predicted.

Anyone who is still concerned about the Mayan apocalypse prophecy maybe still coming to fruition somewhere in the world, go to NASA.gov/2012, where you'll find a frequently-asked question section, specifically dedicated to answering questions and concerns about 12/21/12.

But for those who just want a laugh or two, check out the phony Mayan apocalypse photos that are going around Twitter.