The Bobby Petrino scandal is more than a month old, but there is still more news coming out about this sorted affair.

It seems you can actually own something that played a big role in starting Petrino's downfall.

The motorcycle that Petrino drove while getting into an accident in early April appears to be up for sale. The Big Lead is reporting that Petrino's former motorcycle can likely be bought on

The website called the company, but wouldn't give any specific information about the motorcycle's owner. However, the bike looks very similar to the one that Petrino rode last month.

Petrino's motorcycle accident is what eventually led to the end of his run as the Arkansas head football coach. He was soon fired after it was discovered that he was riding with his mistress, Jessica Dorrell, at the time of the wreck. Petrino was accused of giving Dorrell, who was an Arkansas employee, special treatment because of their relationship.

The motorcycle is currently being bid at $3,050. Copart describes the vehicle as having front end damage, and estimates the repair cost at $18,481.

Below are some photos of the Petrino's supposed motorcycle.