NBC's "Today" revealed the results of Charla Nash's May full face transplant surgery.  Nash was mauled by a chimpanzee in Connecticut in 2009.  The middle-aged woman was blinded and lost her hands, nose, lips and eyelids in the attack.   Nash appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show Nov. 11, 2009 with a disfigured face. 

The 200-pound chimpanzee, Travis, attacked Nash Feb. 2009 after her friend asked her to help her bring him back into her Stamford home.   The chimpanzee was later killed by police. 

The chimpanzee's owner, Sandra Herold, said that the chimp attacked Nash because she had changed her hairstyle. 

The photos, aired at 8:13 a.m. Thursday, show Nash with her eyes close in a hospital bed.  The woman appeared normal and looked extremely different from both pre-accident and post-accident Charla Nash.

"It just feels good to see ...her ready to get at it again," Stephen Nash, Briana's brother, told the show.  "Her optimism is back again, so we're quite ecstatic, he added."

Nash's double hand transplant was unsuccessful due to complications and both hands were removed.

Nash received the third full face transplant in the United States.  Her skin, underlying muscles, blood vessels, and nerves were all replaced.  Her hard palate and teeth were also removed and replaced.