It seems that the summer heat wave will continue through Friday as sizzling temperatures continue to soar into the 90s. 

A heat wave with oppressive temperatures and stifling humidity lingered and intensified in the midsection of the country through last week and the weekend, and is expected to expand eastward as the week continues.

Crowds flocked to waterfronts and swimming pools on the U.S. East Coast and in the Midwest on Thursday to try to cope with a massive heat wave that has killed over 22 people. 

In July, over 18 states had heat advisories, including North Dakota, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia and the Carolinas (where temperatures may exceed 100 degrees this week). 

Things to do to escape the heat wave:

If you want to stay out of the sun altogether, take advantage of the heat and head indoors to a local museum to see that exhibit you've been meaning to see. 

If you're looking for that summer tan, head to the nearest lake, beach, or pool; most likely you will not be the only one as pools and beaches are swarming with people on a hot summer day. 

If you live in NYC, head to Chelsea Market where you can shop and eat in an air-conditioned old factory. It's a great place for snapping photos too, so don't forget your camera as this location has great architectural features.

Paint your roof: Painting black tar roofs with a white, solar-reflective coating is a low cost, quick and tangible way to reduce the risk of power grid 'brown-outs', save millions of dollars in energy costs, and curb climate change. In New York City alone, 12% of all surfaces are rooftops. 

Content contributed by Reuters.