Photos: World’s Tiniest Animals

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  • World's Smallest Puppy
    Beyonce is no bigger than an iPhone. World Records Academy has said she set the record for smallest puppy. REUTERS/Handout
  • World's Smallest Monkey
    A Pygmy Marmoset (Callithrix pygmaea) is seen at a primate rescue and rehabilitation center near Santiago Aug. 3, 2010. The Pygmy Marmoset is known as the world's smallest monkey and is in danger of extinction. REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado
  • Smallest Living Dog, Boo Boo
    Guinness World Record's Smallest Living Dog, Boo Boo, poses during a photo call in New York Sept. 15, 2010. Boo Boo, a Chihuahua, measures 4 inches (10cm) tall, 6.5 inches (16.5cm) long and weighs 24 ounces (680g). REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz
  • Smallest Horse
    Fourteen inch tall Einstein, a miniature horse, romps in a field in Barnstead, New Hampshire April 23, 2010. REUTERS/Handout
  • Smallest Pet?
    A litter of three week-old "tea cup poodle" puppies under 150 grammes (0.3 pounds) sit in a mug cup and a food and water bowl at a Tokyo pet shop July 24, 2003. The shop/breeder crossed small-sized toy poodles to breed the little dogs for the booming Japanese pet market, for sale from 650,000 yen ($5,473). The dogs became about 1.5 kilogrammes (3.3 pounds) in weight when fully grown. REUTERS/Eriko Sugita
  • World's Smallest Chameleon
    The World's Smallest Chameleon, the Brookesia micra, is now also one of the world's smallest reptiles at only 3cm (29mm) long. The tiny creature is small enough to perch on top of a fingernail, and as long at the very tip of a matchstick. The chameleon was discovered on the island of Madagascar, German and American biologists announced on Feb. 16, 2012. The lizard, with a 16-millimetre body, measures 29 millimetres with its tail full extended. REUTERS
  • World's Smallest Otters
    A romp of Asian small-clawed otters (Aonyx cinerea) gather near a stream in their enclosure at the Night Safari in Singapore March 7, 2012. The smallest of the world's otter species are classed as being vulnerable in the wild, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. REUTERS/Tim Chong
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From the smallest monkey, chameleon and dog to the smallest horse, here is a slideshow presenting some of the cutest and tiniest animal species around the world.

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