What will the royals have to say about this?

Pippa Middleton, sister of Duchess Kate Middleton, could be arrested for a gun incident that took place on Saturday in Paris.

If the evidence points to [Pippa Middleton's] involvement, she will be prosecuted, a judicial source told Us Weekly. Anybody involved in the illegal use of a handgun in public is liable to arrest and interrogation.

Middleton was in the front seat of an Audi convertible on Saturday along with fashion mogul Arthur de Soultrait, when the driver of the car pulled out a semi-automatic handgun at paparazzi. A witness is said to have filed a formal complaint and if enough evidence is found to prosecute anyone that was in the car, including Middleton, can be summoned, arrested and interrogated.

Perhaps they were being pursued, perhaps they were angry, perhaps they were just showing off, but it certainly doesn't look good, Royal Correspondent Camilla Tominey told Today this morning.

Middleton was in Paris over the weekend to attend birthday parties of her friends.

Pippa is a party girl, Sun's royal editor, Duncan Larcombe said of the three men Middleton was in the car with when the incident occurred. She mixes now in very high society and they don't come very higher than this group of French aristocratic sons.

Middleton has not commented on the incident, but if she is arrested it will not look good for her.

Pippa has been photographed; she's been coached on how to behave, Larcombe said. If she's photographed by an unwanted freelance photographer, she smiles, she keeps her head up and she lets the lawyers doing the arguing behind the scenes. She knows much better than this.

I think, in fairness to her [Pippa], it will be interesting to know whether she told this guy off after he'd done something as stupid as this or whether she thinks it was all a big joke because in the pictures, unfortunately for her, it does look as though she found the funny side of it, he continued.