Pippa Middleton to join a grueling swim run competition in Sweden, a day after the fitness fanatic celebrated her 32nd birthday on Sunday.

Kate Middleton’s sister is not taking things easy even after her natal day as she is set to compete in the Otillio 2015 Swim-Run Championship, People reported. The intense competition will be held in Sweden Monday. Fans, who are interested to see the event can follow the race’s progress via the competition’s official livestream.

The swim-run race will reportedly cover a distance of 75 kilometers (46 miles) wherein 10 kilometers (6 miles) involve open water swimming while the rest of the 65 kilometers (40 miles) require trail-running. A total of 120 international teams will participate in the event, according to the race organizers. The dawn-to-dusk competition course will start near the Seglarhotel in Sandhamn and will finish at the Uto Vardshus on Uto.

Middleton will reportedly compete in the Otillio race with a Swedish friend, Jons Bartholdson. The 32-year-old royal sister-in-law will also be raising money for the Michael Matthew Foundation during the intense race. The said foundation is involved in building schools and other education related projects which spanned different countries.

Despite the race’s grueling pace, Princess Kate’s sister was inspired to take on the challenge of the Swedish completion. According to the Toronto Sun, she told Reuters that she was “taken by the idea of competing in the stunning surroundings” and that it was an “unusual” and “unique” event.

“It’s not for the faint hearted… Otillio has an edge to it that stands out above other endurance races," she added.

Middleton also described a few of the competition’s “hardest elements,” such as “managing the conditions, the currents in the water and the extreme temperature changes.” Apart from that, Middleton also shared her excitement and exhilaration over the event, especially while at the starting line with other athletes.

“Nothing else gives me the same feeling of adrenaline and wonderful sense of anticipation," she said.

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