Pippa Middleton’s svelte figure is thanks to her healthy diet. The 32-year-old younger sister of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge shared her diet secrets with her fans. The British beauty revealed that in order to prepare for a gruelling race she focus on her diet that is already healthy.

“I try to eat wholegrain, energy-fuelled carbohydrates and three meals a day. I also increase my portion sizes based on my training level, with lots of brown rice, lentils, quinoa and sweet potato, and for breakfast, porridge and rye toast,” said Pippa. She added that since she enjoys food, she does not get too fussy about her diet.

However, the writer and columnist said that it is a week or so before an event that she becomes very conscious about her diet and eats only nutritious foods to store energy. She also cuts out alcohol, refined sugar and processed foods in her daily intake. The British beauty added that she tried not to make too many changes to what she eats.

The brunette is known for her love of extreme sports and not the one to turn down a fitness challenge. Pippa recently participated in the 54km (33-mile) Birkebeiner cross-country ski race in Norway. She was joined by her boyfriend James Matthews for the race.

She took up the challenge to support Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK), who works to ensure that anyone with a disability has a chance to ski or snowboard with other people. Earlier, she showed off her skill on the slopes as she competed against royals Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. Pippa did not win the race, but she finished in at five hours and 58 minutes.

In January, she took part in the world’s longest downhill ski race in Switzerland. It’s not the first time that the keen sportswoman has shown off her incredible fitness skills. In the past year, Pippa ran a marathon in Kenya and participated in a cycling event in the U.S.

Pippa also competed in the Otillo Swimrun world championship in Sweden just a day after her 32nd birthday. She finished in 82nd place and completed the 47-mile course in an impressive 13 hours, 4 minutes and 24 seconds.