An image used to sell a Pixar “Cars” kiddie pool seems to display an innocent family of three, but a closer look reveals something much more sinister. Reddit users posted a photo of Pixar's Racing Pals Inflatable Pool Monday, and readers came to the consensus that the photo borders on pedophilia.

The questionable image shows a young mother playing with two young boys in the cartoon-inspired, inflatable pool, the adult seeming to have one hand in the water and another hovering near one of the minor’s genitals. “I question the placement of that’s woman’s hand,” posted Reddit user Matenbock. “Pixar would not approve.”

While some users blamed the image on an Internet hoax, others found the photo was legitmate after products with a similar image were found for sale by online retailers. Chris Morran, a reporter for the Consumerist, confirmed the photo was the result of a Photoshop error Monday.

“What seems to have happened here isn’t terribly uncommon,” said Morran. “As with many photos on product packaging, the image here is actually a composite of multiple photographs,” he said.

Morran explained that the fashion in which the original image of the woman was edited would make the image appear dangerously close to innaproriate. The former post-production professional explained that the same model's image was originally used to advertise a princess-themed pool, showing the model sitting outside the water (see the photo here) and was altered unsuccessfully to appear inside the "Cars" product, resulting in the embarrassing error.

“Errors like this are usually caught in the proof stage, but do occasionally slip through,” he said.