A 29-year-old copywriter in Portland, Oregon, said she managed to scare off Planned Parenthood protesters by chanting the words “yeast infections” in front of a local clinic over the weekend. Mary Numair, who tried engaging the anti-abortion protesters in civil dialogue, was rebuffed and later came back with a bombastic protest of her own, according to BuzzFeed News.

Numair arrived Oct. 25 in front of the Portland clinic with a sign that read, "Dear [Planned Parenthood,] thanks for helping me with my yeast infections." She later tweeted that her repeated chants of “yeast infections” broke up the small protest.

“One woman turned around during their prayer to shake her head at me, to which I responded: ‘[Oh my God,] do you have a yeast infection? I know who can help you!’ She covered her kid’s ears,” Numair told BuzzFeed News.

Planned Parenthood has faced considerable backlash after national anti-abortion activists released a purported sting operation video that showed some doctors at Planned Parenthood clinics discussing the sale of aborted fetus tissue. Although pro-choice advocates claim the video was deceptively edited, the controversy has prompted hearings in Congress and unsuccessful votes in the House of Representatives and the Senate to take away federal funding for the organization.

"Planned Parenthood is [a] vital resource for so many people," Numair said. "We have to look beyond the pro-life [vs.] pro-choice debate and recognize this organization is out there providing some of the most important care to our sensitive medical needs." 

Numair added that Planned Parenthood was where she received her first birth control pills and treatment for yeast infections at the age of 20. Since tweeting about her counter-protest, Numair’s story had been shared more than 3,700 times and favorited more than 8,600 times.

The Planned Parenthood supporter told Slate that one man driving by called her a "whore," but that she received mostly positive support.