Point Break” is back! At the end of the classic 1991 action movie, Keanu Reeves’ FBI Agent Johnny Utah tells another agent, “[Bodhi’s] not coming back.” However, on Dec. 25, the surfing bank robber will return to theaters after all, albeit played by Édgar Ramírez. Johnny Utah will be back as well, with Australian actor Luke Bracey taking over for Reeves. While the 2015 “Point Break” remake is heavily inspired by the original’s story of an FBI agent infiltrating a gang of surfing bank robbers, the trailer, released Tuesday, makes it clear that fans are in for a whole new experience.

Here are 4 moments that prove that the new “Point Break” will be a very different movie than the 1991 original:

1. Bodhi and Co. Rob a Plane

In the first scene of the trailer, the extreme athlete bank robbers emerge from underneath the floor of a plane and parachute down to the ground with a pallet full of cash. Now that’s a robbery! While the surfing “Dead Presidents” crew of the original “Point Break” dabbled in extreme sports other than surfing – most notably sky diving – they did not use their dare devil skills for their crimes, instead going the old fashioned route of holding up banks with guns. The gang in the new movie seems to find multiple creative – and technologically complex – ways to pull off their heists, each one utilizing a different extreme sport. The change seems to be taking “Point Break” global as well, with scenes showing Bodhi’s crew blowing up a goldmine, sailing on a yacht, or scaling a cliff seemingly taking place all over the world.

2. Bodhi Liberates Some Gold

Speaking of that plan robbery scene from the trailer, one important detail is that the daring criminals cut the cash loose in midair, letting the bills rain down on a poor village below. The Bodhi of 1991’s “Point Break” was in the game more for the thrill than the money as well, but he at least kept the cash. The new Bodhi seems to have a Robin Hood-like philosophy. That becomes clear in a scene in the trailer when, standing together over a gold mine, Utah asks Bodhi if his crew is going to steal the gold.

“We’re going to liberate it,” Bodhi replies.

3. Bodhi Teaches Utah about Gravity

One of the most iconic scenes in the original “Point Break” is when Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Utah jumps out of a plane – sans parachute – to chase a fleeing Bodhi. In what appears to be a variation on that scene, Bracey’s Utah jumps off of a cliff after Ramirez’s Bodhi after he lets himself fall off. The exchange just prior perfectly encapsulates the two men’s philosophies.

“Do you have any idea how many laws you’ve broken,” asks the by-the-book Utah.

“The only law that matters is gravity,” retorts Bodhi.

4. Angelo Gets Serious

Viewers get a brief peek at Ray Winstone’s performance as Utah’s partner Angelo Pappas in the trailer. “Criminal Masterminds? These are just kids partying away their lives,” Pappas tells Utah. Winstone seems to be bringing his trademark brand of serious to the role, a departure from the sarcastic, meatball sub eating (“Get me two, Utah”) Angelo from the original movie, played by Gary Busey.

Watch the trailer for the new “Point Break” below: