Pole dancing used to be something only strippers did. They would acrobatically slide and grind on a pole to allure people to their art form, and more specifically, to their strip club. Now, the act of pole dancing has become so desexualized that even toddlers at a dance studio in England are taking the Little Spinners class for physical exercise. And in Texas, there is even a Pole Fitness for Jesus class, which allows Christians to 'spin without sin.'

The art of pole dancing is so popular that there are numerous websites dedicated to it. And despite its close relationship with strip clubs and nudity, pole dancing is considered by some to be a high energy workout. 

Dance teacher Carly Wilford, who teaches Little Spinners, says that the class has been 'stripped back' of sexual content, and is designed for physical exercise, which boosts girls confidence and self-esteem.

If pole dancing boosts self-esteem, then Shakira should be full of confidence. In her latest video, the scantily-clad Colombian singer is seen pole dancing in nothing but black lingerie. 

Shakira wasn't the first pop star to take to the pole though. Britney Spears danced on a pole in her video 'Gimme More.' And when Pink performed an aerial fabric dance at the Grammy's in 2010, she received a standing ovation, despite wearing very little and using her body in a way a stripper might.

So it begs the question, if aerial fabric dance is considered an art form as well as an exercise form, then why is pole dancing so often confined to sexuality?

Watch Shakira pole dance in 'Rabiosa:'

Watch Pink sing 'Glitter In The Air' while performing with aerial fabric

Watch Britney Spears pole dance in 'Gimme More'