A new poll shows broad support for stronger gun control laws among Latino Americans.

The poll, conducted by the bipartisan Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition and released Thursday, indicates that 86 percent of Latinos support requiring background checks for all gun sales.

It goes on to state that 76 percent of Latinos both believe that there should be restrictions on who can carry a loaded and concealed gun in public, and support a plan by the federal government to require gun dealers in border states to report bulk sales of assault rifles.

The survey, conducted by Lake Research Partners, showed that a majority of Latinos believe in the concept that gun control should be dealt with on the state level rather than mandated by Congress.

Latinos clearly put a priority on gun safety and prefer measures that make laws governing gun sales stricter and that prioritize their individual state laws over laws originating in other states, Joshua Ulibarri, a partner at Lake Research, said in a statement.

The study also showed that 69 percent of Latino voters believe laws governing the sale of guns should be stronger, while 24 percent said they believe laws should remain how they are now, while only five percent of Latinos believe gun laws should be less strict.

Elected officials at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue need to start listening to their constituents instead of the Washington gun lobby, Mayors Against Illegal Guns Co-Chairman Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said in a statement. Latino voters support the same approach most other Americans say they want -- strong gun laws that keep guns out of the wrong hands while respecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a coalition of 600 American mayors.