The top after-market NASDAQ stock market losers are: Columbia Labs, Cadence Pharma, SemiLEDS, Alnylam Pharma and Liberty Interactive.


Columbia Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBRX) fell 5.78 percent, or 13 cents, to $2.12 on a volume of 10,047 shares.

Cadence Pharma, Inc. (NASDAQ:CADX) shares declined 4.77 percent, or 19 cents, to $3.79 on a volume of 27,499 shares.

Shares of SemiLEDS Corp. (NASDAQ:LEDS) slipped 4.26 percent, or 16 cents, to $3.60 on a volume of 3,000 shares.

Alnylam Pharma, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALNY) were down 3.16 percent, or 22 cents, to $6.74 on a volume of 6,957 shares.

Shares of Liberty Interactive Corp. (NASDAQ:LINTA) fell 3 percent, or 48 cents, to $15.52 after the company said it would combine tracking stocks of its Liberty Starz and Liberty Capital units and increase share buybacks.