So-called “pot mom” of New York Andrea Sanderlin is free after supporters posted $500,000 bail Monday as the Scarsdale mother faces federal drug charges.

Sanderlin is accused of operating and maintaining a marijuana warehouse in Queens, as well as intending to sell the pot. The 45-year-old Scarsdale resident, who has been dubbed the “pot mom” by the media, faces up to 10 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines if convicted of the charges.

Federal agents seized 2,800 marijuana plants from the warehouse, or about $3 million worth of pot. The “pot mom” was arrested May 20 and pleaded not guilty to the charges on Friday, ABC News reported.

Sanderlin’s case has drawn comparisons to the Showtime show “Weeds,” in which suburban mother Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) sells marijuana out of her home to support her family.

Sanderlin was reluctantly released from a New York City jail after a Brooklyn judge approved her bail application. The judge, Steven Gold, said he was concerned that the “pot mom” hardly knew the people who posted the $500,000 bail.

Among the people who coughed up the dough were a Thompson Reuters secretary, a Metropolitan Transportation Agency engineer and two workers at a hair salon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the New York Daily News reported.

"She doesn't know these people," Gold said of the bond-signers, according to the Daily News. "She has to have people (on the bond) who she cares about."

Gold was also wary about Sanderlin’s mysterious lifestyle. The “pot mom” claimed she hasn’t worked for decades but is able to rent a $10,000 a month mansion in Scarsdale.

“For all I know she can have millions of dollars or she can have a couple hundred dollars,” the judge said.

Federal prosecutors had no objections to letting Sanderlin out on bail.