In the Pottermore annoucement video released an hour ago, J.K. Rowling left the viewers with a challenge:

Pottermore is open to everyone from October, though lucky few can enter rearly and shape the expeirece. Simply, follow the owl. good luck.

What is Pottermore?

According to Rowling, The digital generation will be able to enjoy safe, unique reading experience built around Harry Potter books. Pottermoe will be a place where fans of any age can share participate and redisocover the stories. It will be an exclusive place to purchase digital audio books, and for the first time, e-books for the Harry Potter series. I will be joining too, because i will be sharing additional informaotin I have been holding for years about the world of Harry Potter.

Going beyond an e-book store for the seven novels of Harry Potter series, Pottermore is also an online immersive experience for which Rowling has written extensive new material (more than 18,000 new words so far) about characters, places and objects in the series, according to  Wired in UK. That means, even if you don't buy the e-books you can still enjoy the additional content with a printed book or on its own.

We can guarantee that people everywhere are getting the same experience at the same time. That was extremely appealing to me. I am lucky to have the resources to do it myself and I think this is a fantastic and unique experience that I could afford to take my time over to make this come alive. There was really no way to do it for the fans or me than just do it myself. Not every author could do this, but it's right for Harry Potter. It is so much fun to have direct content with my fans. It was an extension of the existing, said Rowling.

Pottermore will launch in October for everyone, while one million fans will be offered the chance to shape the development of the website throughout the summer.

The million fans will be required to find a Magical Quill in an online treasure hunt. They will be able to feedback their comments and criticisms of the site in order to shape the final look and feel of the website before it opens to everyone on October 1.

Starting today, readers can register for the online challenge and the selected ones will gain early access to the site open in beta on July 31, Harry Potter's birthday.

The Pottermore shop will open in October, allowing people to purchase the e-books and digital audiobooks in a selection of languages.