Powerball Winning Numbers were released on Wednesday and one ticket has all six winning numbers which hit the $200 million jackpot.

The winning numbers for the June 1 drawing are 8, 18, 38, 46, 56 and the Powerball number is 31.

The winning ticket was bought at a stationary store in Lindenhurst in Long Island, according to Newsday

There were nine second-place winners around the country, getting 5 numbers correctly. Each of those tickets is worth $200,000.

Powerball is a 31 state lottery which includes Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The jackpot will be reset to $20 million, the Multi-State Lottery announced.

The winning numbers on May 28 were 12, 20, 43, 51, 55, and 11.

The winning numbers on May 25 were 4, 23, 31, 42, 50, and 23.