It's time to check your Powerball tickets as the winning numbers were released at 11 p.m. ET Wednesday. The $320 million Powerball numbers are - 6, 27, 46, 51, 56 and 21.

Although the winning numbers are out, officials have said that it might take quite some time to determine whether anybody won the huge national lottery drawing, which was held in 42 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

Wednesday's highest jackpot prize was valued at $320 million or about $213 million for those who chose the cash option since no players have matched all the six winning numbers during the past seven weeks.

The $320-million jackpot was the fourth largest in the game's history. The largest prize to date was $365 million, which was awarded in 2006 to a group of eight co-workers at a Nebraska meat-packing plant.

The second largest prize was $340 million that was won by a group of four in Oregon in 2005. The third highest jackpot was $336.4 million, which was won by Louise White, an 81-year-old Rhode Island resident earlier this year.

According to CNN, at $320 million, the Powerball pot still has the possibility of catching MegaMillions at the top of the list of U.S. grand prizes. In March, three tickets were sold for a drawing with the top prize of $656 million.

After a couple from Seymour, Conn. won $60 million for matching all six Powerball numbers in June 23, there has been no big jackpot winner.