Prankster Vitalii Sediuk Crawls Under America Ferrera's Gown On Cannes Red Carpet [PHOTOS]

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    Vitalii Sediuk was quickly pulled away from the actress by security after sneaking onto the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. Reuters
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    Actress America Fererra intially appeared unaware that the Ukranian prankster was crawling underneath her dress. At the time of the incident, she was being photographed with her co-stars from the film "How to Train a Dragon 2." Reuters
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    Vitalii Sediuk is a journalist and prankster well known for his jokes on high profile celebrities. Just this year, she has successfully pranked Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper on separate red carpets. Reuters
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Ukrainian jokester Vitalii Sediuk pulled off yet another celebrity prank Friday at the Cannes Film Festival. 

For his latest stunt, Sediuk attempted to crawl under the gown of actress America Ferrera, reports the New York Daily News. He was actually able to get his head fully underneath the tulle dress before being removed by security. Even as he was being pulled away, he attempted to hold onto Ferrera's foot. 

Ferrera was at the festival to promote her film "How to Train a Dragon 2." She was posing with her co-stars from the film when Sediuk crept behind her on the carpet. They were visibly flustered by the incident, looking both shocked and slightly humored by Sediuk's antics. 

This marks Sediuk's third prank of the year. In January he made his way to the red carpet of the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and hugged actor Bradley Cooper's crotch. He followed up that stunt in February by appearing at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and hugging Leonardo DiCaprio below the belt as well. 

But one of his most memorable pranks remains his attempt to kiss Will Smith at the Moscow premiere of "Men in Black III." Smith slapped Sediuk across the face when he tried to land a smooch on the star's lips. 

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