A nine-year old girl gave birth last month in Mexico, and authorities are looking to prosecute the boy who impregnated her.

The young girl was “just over 8 when she got pregnant,” her mother, identified as Dafne, told authorities in Jalisco state, according to the Indian Express.

“The father is a boy who is 17, but we have not found him, since he ran away," she went on to say. 

The pregnant 9-year-old gave birth in Zoquipan Hospital to a 5.9 pound baby and was released from the hospital recently.

"We are looking for the young man to get his story, because she does not understand what has happened,” Jorge Villasenor of the state prosecutors' office said. “This is a rape or child sex abuse case." 

This is not the first time a young child giving birth has made headlines. Back in 2010, The Huffington Post reported that another nine-year-old gave birth to a boy in north-east China. The unidentified father was sought after, as sex with a minor involves an automatic rape conviction.  

Meanwhile, the 9-year-old in Mexico is not the only shocking pregnancy story in the news recently. 

ABC reports that Nancy Gonzalez, a corrections officer at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is now facing 15 years in prison for allegedly becoming pregnant by a convicted cop killer. It is illegal for guards to carry on sexual relations with inmates, primarily for security reasons. 

The prison inmate, Ronell Wilson, is in prison for the 2003 murder of two NYPD detectives, who he executed, in Staten Island. 

Gonzalez is 8-months pregnant, the New York Times reports, after they began the affair in March 2012.

“I took a chance, because I was so vulnerable and wanted to be loved, and now I am carrying his child,” the prison guard said in a recorded phone call, the Times reported. “Why not give him a child as far as giving him some kind of hope.”