Pregnancy used to be a very private affair for any couple. However, now that the times have changed, it is certainly the golden period of their lives when celeb couples try to gain maximum limelight, publicity and of course the staggering monetary benefits that comes with it.

Heavily pregnant actress and singer Jessica Simpson revealed in October that she was pregnant with her first child with fiancé Eric Johnson whom she is dating since May 2010.

The Fashion Star mentor suddenly came into limelight after her nude shot on Elle magazine's April issue had gone online.

Simpson was never so talked about as she is these days. She is constantly in news, both for her naked Elle cover shoot during the last months of pregnancy and her candid revelations on child, gender, baby names and pre-nuptial plans.

The 31-year-old starlet couldn't wait to pose with the huge baby bump for Elle. Normally I'm hoping to be 107 pounds and I don't eat, but - in homage to the cheesecake pose, perhaps - I ate cheesecake before we shot, she revealed in an interview with USA Today.

Well, nothing actually made her conscious during the shoot. I wasn't nervous at all; normally, I'm so shy. I'm not the person you see photographed in a bikini on a beach. But for some reason, being pregnant, it's so easy for me. I feel so comfortable in my skin she said.

The photographs have been released online and the magazine will hit newsstands by March 20.

I'm glad people are reacting positively, Simpson said. It's just really a celebratory moment for me.

About the D-day she says, For my water to break, for the day I get to go to the hospital and push. I'm more anxious than afraid. I have not been afraid the whole time. I figure if all these women all around the world can do it, I can do it.

She (the baby) is in the 90th percentile of weight right now, so she's a big un. She's going to be a very big baby, but I guess that's what I get for letting a baller knock me up, jokes Simpson.

Check out Simpson's pictures before and after she got conceived.


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