Pasta lovers everywhere are reconsidering eating in tonight after Prego recalled hundreds of pasta sauce jars due to spoilage. The FDA released a press release detailing, the case in which 300 bottles of the Campbell Soup Co. product were recalled. The FDA does note that the recall was voluntary and thus far no illnesses have been reported.

The agency also states that consumers should not eat the product if it is spoiled and that they need to return it from the store in which they purchased it for a full refund.  The affected product was manufactured on Dec. 15, 2013.

IBTimes reporter Rebecka Schumann weighed in on the embarrassing recall and stated that in order to regain customer trust, the company must issue a public apology, which has yet to happen. Another company that took this course was Chobani after it recalled its Greek-Style yogurt due to a quality problem.

A week late, Chobani apologized to its customers, after some people had reported illness after consuming their products. The type of mold which spoiled the yogurt was never released but the public apology certainly helped their reputation.

As of now Prego has yet to release a statement with any sort of apology. Will customers forgive the brand and continue to but the sauce, or is the trust gone?