Beijing---Chinese President Hu Jintao, made the fifth phone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama Wednesday. President Hu expressed his confidence that a positive outcome at the upcoming Copenhagen world climate summit in December could be provided improvement in bilateral relations and faced the weather pattern challenge.

Developing cooperation between the two sides on climate change issues would not only benefit the international community in its efforts to tackle climate change, but also have great significance for promoting the development of China-US ties, China’s Xinhua news agency quoted Hu’s saying.

Hu said: China and the U.S. face a common challenge of climate change, have common interests.

Obama said both the US and China had taken important steps in dealing with climate change, and he said the two should push for concrete and meaningful steps to meet the challenges and make the Copenhagen conference a success.

President Barack Obama will launch his first official visit to China next month since he was elected as president. He will attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) held in Singapore during that time and he will visit Japan and South Korea, too.

During Obama visit to China, climate deal will be a very important topic. There is a good deal of speculation that the two nations will reach a bilateral climate change agreement before the Copenhagen conference begins, some analysts believe.

In addition, trade, military and human rights will be the important topics during Obama visits China.