The Beast, as it is reportedly nicknamed, came to fame during the administration of George W. Bush. Bush traveled everywhere in The Beast, his armored black Cadillac that served as the presidential state car. He even brought it on Air Force One for overseas trips.

Back to the administration of Woodrow Wilson and up to today with the administration of Barack Obama, the General Motors Co. Cadillac has always been a staple of iconic presidential images and moments -- along with Ford Motor Co.'s Lincoln brand.

Wilson rode in a 1916 Series 3 Cadillac through the streets of Boston during the 1919 parade celebrating victory in World War I. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Franklin D. Roosevelt rode that day in a fortified 1928 Cadillac that was once reportedly owned by notorious gangster Al Capone. Dwight Eisenhower rode in one of the first models of the Cadillac Eldorado during his 1953 inauguration.

The list goes on -- Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan -- all the way to Obama. The Cadillac One, which takes its name from Air Force One, made its debut during Obama's 2009 inauguration. It has also been affectionately referred to as The Beast.

Here are some iconic images of United States presidents and their Cadillac counterparts.